Scroll down to see some of the recent awards I’ve won. But first, a description of the work they honored:

“The Wizard of Poof” is a video about a guy who specializes in helping business executives enhance their security by drastically lowering their public profiles.

“Go Ahead, Make My Day” is a feature story about the unusual way that HP trains its youngest lawyers. The general counsel hopes that they get hired away by big law firms to prove a point.

The award for “Toyota’s Worst Nightmare” was for a feature, a video, and a number of web stories about a former in-house lawyer at the car manufacturer who publicly accused it of engaging in fraud. Toyota sued him and ultimately won.

“Cyberattacked” is for a feature about a private investment company that was nearly destroyed by a man who posted damning stories about it on the Internet. Proving that the articles were made up was easier than getting him to stop and take them down.

“Lost in Translation” is a feature article about Toyota’s problems with sudden acceleration. If you think you already know the story, read this.

“Disruption as Usual” is a profile of Google’s in-house law department.

I’m particularly proud of the editing awards. One was for Corporate Counsel ’s front-of-the book news section, which I edit. The other was for the entire magazine, which I edit with my colleague and friend, Editor in Chief Anthony Paonita, and reflects the work of our talented and hard-working reporters.

Selected Awards